LinkedIn posts for Naxian for February 2018

  1. Deep Learning Indicative of the increasing hunger for knowledge around Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the runaway success of the Deep Learning Indaba which debuted at the University of the Witwatersrand in September 2017. With almost 300 participants (750 requests for attendance), representing 22 African countries and 33 African research institutes, it is clear that the stakeholders are serious about the future of business. In the Indaba’s post-event report the organisers stated that: “What underlies these conversations is the ongoing and rapid advances being made in artificial intelligence. It is essential for Africans to become not just observers of the ongoing advances in AI, but active shapers and owners of these technological advances.”  Visit for a quick overview on where AI is going.
  2. Machine learning “How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) benefit manufacturing?” you might ask. Just imagine if you could accurately anticipate equipment service needs in advance and dedicate your time solely to servicing the equipment that requires servicing. And what if you could also make smarter production design decisions which will result in the optimisation of your overall manufacturing process? This is where machine learning and AI come to the fore. Machine learning means that the algorithms used for advanced analytics improve with experience, thereby learning by example, and increasing the ability to predict equipment availability and status. AI allows the machine to perform the tasks that are normally performed by humans in an intelligent and increasingly optimal manner. High-quality data is the important factor here, allowing the machine to become smarter, faster.Here are some interesting facts:
    a) An article in states tar by 2020 every human being on the planet will create about 7.1 Mb of new information every second.
    b) Research by the McKinsey Global Institute suggests that as of 2016, manufacturers typically capture only 20-30% of the value of their data (AI can capture the remaining 70-80%!).
    c) McKinsey Global Institute says that about 60% 0f wasted expenses in manufacturing are from unnecessary operation and maintenance.Find out more here.
  3. The industrial sector is a large recent adopter of artificial intelligence (AI), as the sensors and devices that are connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) become increasingly more popular. Demands for increased productivity and profitability, with reduced machine downtime are driving organisations to rethink their previous mindset regarding the scaremongering of AI’s detractors as a business tool.
    Read more on AI here.
  4. “30% of surveyed executives admit that senior management lacks sufficient understanding of AI which makes building a business case for AI challenging.” The Economist 2016. The mind literally boggles at the speed of innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Did you imagine 10 years ago that you would be talking to a phone (using SiRI) to ask for interactive directions to your destination? AI is here to stay and the secret is to align yourself with a company that understands its intricacies and can make it work for your business. Find out more here.