Tackling the challenge of commoditisation with smart services

One of the biggest challenges facing technology vendors and end users alike is the ongoing threat presented by the commoditisation of products. Commoditisation, says Bernard Senekal, MD of Naxian Systems, is the process by which technology that was traditionally viewed as ‘cheap’ has stood up and started delivering quality and features at the same or better quality than traditionally enterprise brands.

The end result, Senekal points out, is deflation in product price to market and reduced profitability for manufacturers, distributors and technology implementers. This in turn results in a decrease in the quality of service experienced by end users because decisions are made purely on price.

“Overcoming this destructive cycle of the race to the bottom is an area in which Naxian Systems excels. We have leveraged over 20 years’ of experience and knowledge gained in the IT, telecommunications and electronic security industries to develop a solution that addresses this very issue. Our XaaS (everything as a Service) business model is based on the IoT (Internet of Things) technology and employs patented AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Learning principles,” Senekal explains.

Naxian’s AI and Deep Learning Technology eliminates the dependence on human intervention for the analysis of data and allows for the production of sensible operational information and business intelligence.

The company’s smart services are able to enhance the overall experience of end users while concurrently decreasing risk and enhancing operational efficiencies. Ultimately this will lead to an increase in profitability for manufacturers, distributors and technology implementers who adopt the solution and ensures that end users receive system uptime and the highest levels of post system deployment services on a continued basis for a superior product, without having to pay the premium normally associated with high quality and performance.

The technology-agnostic Synapse platform from Naxian Systems is able to facilitate, for example, the management of system and device health; licence plate recognition (LPR) as a service; as well as process visualisation, which includes the integration of warehouse management systems, scanning devices, RFID, vehicle tracking and other business processes.

“An exciting aspect of this solution is that users will be able to reduce the costs and hassles associated with replacing existing technology, by integrating it with our platform and connecting other systems and processes. In a bottom-line driven market that relies on ease of use and seamless integration of the various technology elements, the Naxian solutions offer attractive value-added benefits,” says Senekal.