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Naxian partners with IOTEC SA

In its quest to improve the customer experience and drive maintenance costs down, Naxian Systems has partnered with IOTEC South Africa.

Naxian’s Bernard Senekal explains that IOTEC brings a strong competency from the telecommunication space and has invested heavily in the marketing and sales of LoRa networks. “These low power WAN networks are radio-based networks that are currently rolling out countrywide and act as the conduit that carries small amounts of data available from sensors back to IoT management environments/platforms.”

Further to this IOTEC brings with them years of well-developed business relationships where the businesses are in need of the solutions that Naxian’s technologies offer with its IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning abilities.

IOTEC is an advanced strategic reseller of the Naxian Synapse IoT platform and in turn provides the knowledge and bridge for Naxian into the network layer of the IoT environment. The Naxian channel benefits from this bridge while IOTEC’s clients will benefit from the core technologies available to provide IoT technology solutions at an application level.

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Duncan Gordon (black vest), (the funny looking guy with the glasses is) Nic Loubser and (the other funny looking guy is) Cobus de Villiers

What exactly is AI and how does Naxian leverage it?

If you watched the movie Bicentennial Man in which Robin Williams plays a super-intelligent and emotion-capable robot, you would be tempted to believe that Artificial Intelligence is the quick route to dehumanising the human race and replacing us with human-like machines.

Many fears abound regarding AI and a number of people have developed head-in-the-sand syndrome whenever it is mentioned.

In an article produced for Hi-Tech Security Solutions (find the link under the Naxian website News section shortly) Naxian explains exactly what AI is and how the company uses it to improve productivity, decrease maintenance costs and improve manageability of systems in an intelligent way.

Meet the Naxian Team

The Naxian team is growing. Riaan van Wyngaard recently joined the company as an SSP engineer, responsible for taking care of the heart of Naxian – its Smart Services Platform Centre – where Naxian makes use of its AI, Machine and Deep Learning technologies to support field engineers with predictive and preventative maintenance while providing business intelligence back to line of business. He will be monitoring all systems on site, ensuring that the connection between Naxian and its clients is uninterrupted.

Riaan has a solid background in the support of desktop environments and has expanded his official qualifications over the years to include various Microsoft and Cisco certifications.

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